The completion of this survey under Project-ROBG -302 will also provide your opinion on the topic „Successful management and socialization of the Christian cultural and historical heritage in the cross-border region of Ruse-Giurgiu“ and realization of virtual access to artifacts and historical data related to the 3 restored temples under the project: /LP/: Church of St. Petka – Ruse, Bulgaria, /PP2/: Church of St. Panteleimon – Vedеya, Giurgiu County, Romania, /PP3/: Church of St. Georgi"- Ruse, Bulgaria.

The results and analysis of Survey of Project-ROBG 302 will be published in the joint start-up of the project currently being produced.

In the economic consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic, your opinion will help to realize a snapshot of the attitude of citizens in the region on the specific topic of sustainable development of the pilgrimage and cultural tourism of the region Ruse – Giurgiu.

Your opinion is a key factor for the feedback!

The survey will be available on the site until 14.02.2021.

Thank you for your participation!